Wheelchair Restraint Systems are a critical component of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles. Ensuring that the wheelchair is safely tied-down when travelling is crucial for the safety of all vehicle passengers including the wheelchair user, who also benefits from a more comfortable ride. The Hook-i Tech development team recognise the requirement for a safe, secure and yet quick and efficient wheelchair restraint system, and offer two solutions:



Hook-i PAWRS is an ISO:10542 compliant combined winch and front restraint system to assist in the loading of a wheelchair and passenger into a rear ramp entry Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

By combining the functions of separate winch and restraint systems into one easy-to-use device, the whole loading sequence is much faster and simpler, providing convenience and safety.



Hook-i RRS is a synchronised belt system that simplifies the wheelchair loading and restraint process where power assistance is not required, for example when using a powered wheelchair.


Wheelchair Restraint Systems

RRS 2 – Ratchin Restraint System


Wheelchair Restraint Systems

RRS 3 – Ratchin Restraint System


Wheelchair Restraint Systems

RRS 6 – Ratchin Restraint System



Hook-i PAWRS offers greater functionality and ease of use over traditional '2-part' Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle winch and restraint systems. With other systems, the wheelchair winch can be used to pull the wheelchair and occupant into the vehicle; however once inside, the winch belts must be disconnected and replaced with ISO:10542 wheelchair restraints to safely tie-down the wheelchair.

Hook-i PAWRS combines these functions of wheelchair winch and restraint into one easy-to-use device, acting both as a wheelchair winch with 250kg capacity (at 15º incline) and an ISO:10542 compliant WTORS wheelchair restraint.


WTORS (Wheelchair Tie-Down and Occupant Restraint Systems) are tested to an international standard called ISO 10542, by simulating a 48 – 0 kph near-instantaneous deceleration ("crash test").

To perform this laboratory test a surrogate 85kg wheelchair is used, along with a 78kg Anthropomorphic Test Dummy (ATD). This process places a force exceeding 20g on the surrogate wheelchair and ATD – meaning the WTORS must be able to withstand a load equivalent to 20 times their combined weight.

Hook-i PAWRS and RRS systems are tested to 190kg, over double the minimum required standard for ISO:10542 compliance.

PAWRS & RRS is available to purchase by trade account holders only.